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1972/3/14 175 min. Crime , Drama



There is an extremely rare DVD released by Bantam Spectra called "The Godfather" being watched in all the leading review websites and lots of online stores and we are not talking about a simple sale. This disc is like the Holy Grail for the movie fanatics. So much that many of us have got our own copies of this movie that we hold the only copy on all the homes.

The movie follows an undercover investigation in New York of a mafia family to be able to record their activities. The main protagonist is FBI agent Carmine Gigante (Al Pacino) who is investigating the mafia family that is controlling the Mafiosi. He is aided by an ambitious detective (John De Niro) whom he forms a close bond with and later on takes him under his wing. The movie runs with the run and the gun action that make the film one of the most spectacular films ever made in cinema history.

The story is told in live action and both audio and visual effects take the audiences by storm. With an extravagant opening scene, the movie starts in the day time with Al Pacino playing a street hustler. The interiors of a California land house were created perfectly and the scenes of gangsters and mafiasters dancing in nightclubs is exceptional.

The showman who creates so much attention on the serie is Al Pacino. While he is hot and bold in the movie, we do see that he has been played well by John Travolta in the other serie. The acting is superb and apart from having an amazing soundtrack, the music plays an important role in the movie.

The result of this DVD selling makes the series as one of the greatest action serie that has been made. With its dynamic storyline, it creates a suspenseful mood to the viewers, especially when we start getting information about the demise of Al Capone and the entire Mafiosi crew. The film also tells the story of the city of New York. It is shown to a small part of the city and thus gives us a chance to see the city from a different perspective. It also creates a connection between the people, crime and drugs. The music is really terrific and has created a feeling of joy to the audiences who can't stop watching the movie at the end.

If you want to get hold of this movie, make sure you buy from a reliable online store that sells these DVDs. You should be able to find it from any good store, but don't rely on just anyone. Look for reviews about the product before buying and know exactly what is included in the package. Do not settle for anything less than what you expect.

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