The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

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1980/5/20 124 min. Action , Adventure , Science Fiction



Star Wars is a movie that has conquered all the previous movies released in the series and this one is no exception. It was a surprise hit all across the globe, not only for the fact that it's a sequel to the original movie but also for the fact that it was based on the Star Wars saga.

Online movie buffs are well aware of the fact that the entire series is available on the internet. They can watch the first and second movies in their entirety and even the Episode III to IV films as well. You can be able to find out more about the franchise by visiting some websites that have online clips and videos related to the movie.

With The Empire Strikes Back, J.J. Abrams has been able to deliver a movie that is reminiscent of the old movies with Hollywood stars and memorable scenes. This movie is one of the best ones released in the series and definitely one of the best box office hits.

The plot of the movie is based on a secret plan formulated by Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa to infiltrate the Empire. You can expect an awesome plot as the two girls are clever and crafty enough to pull of their plan. The whole plot revolves around an alliance between the Alliance and the Rebellion to take down the Empire. Luke has to steal the plans of the Death Star so that he can destroy the Star Dreadnought from the inside.

The movie was directed by George Lucas, who has now become one of the most successful directors in the history of cinema. He has made films such as A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, and The Empire Strikes Back. This movie will probably leave you wanting more of what was expected to come out.

The actor who plays the leading role in the movie is Mark Hamill, a well-known Star Wars fan. After joining the Star Wars saga in The Empire Strikes Back, he has now started a new trilogy, in which we see him playing Luke Skywalker again. You can expect to see Mark Hamill in all the upcoming films.

The great thing about Star Wars is that there's a huge collection of movies online. You can be able to watch all the trailers and clips to the movies in your web browser. You can also get access to some of the latest information about the characters and events in the story line.

The online movie channel is a must have if you love the saga and want to be able to watch it whenever you want. For a limited time only, you can be able to download the first episode of the series and get full access to all the episodes online.

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