Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (1995)

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1995/3/4 55 min. Action , Animation



In the recent Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn movie, Vegeta was revived due to a revived Super Saiyan God, thus making him immortal and omnipotent. But it doesn't stop there, as it also created fusion by Salsa, Majin Buu and Kid Buu.

That's how powerful they were compared to their past forms that were powerless, thus it is most likely that they'll be stronger in future serie. But, in the newly released movie "The Return of Bardock: The Father of Goku" the fuse to Super Buu is only through fusion of Beerus and Kibito Kai.

In the previous serie, It is said that he's in control of the cosmos, but it can still be much stronger, not only in power but in strength and life. And since it has both the Son Goku and the Future Trunks, it is really more than what we expected. This movie has some new fighting scenes and just as strong plot as the previous one.

The characters are still great in this series and this time, they don't just keep on having good episodes, but they seem to be cuter as well. I've seen some reviews that said that Gokdari is the most mature in this series, but I haven't noticed this at all. Of course, the wacky jokes won't leave anyone from being hilarious.

In this serie, the Fusion and Kibito Kai were already very active with fighting, which didn't happen in the previous series. They are still very much young, but they are also old enough to fight for themselves and have a plan to defeat their enemies. Not to mention, they seem to be faster in physical activity compared to the previous serie.

I'm not saying this is bad or not good, because I think it's great. I believe that you have to see both series to see what I'm talking about. So, this movie will surely remind you about the series again, but the story is fast paced and definitely interesting to watch.

Although, I do feel like there will be a change in this serie after watching this movie. Perhaps, the characters will get changed to more like they were when the original serie was made. Also, I hope to see more fusion and other action scenes added in the future.

Overall, I think this series is good. But, it won't make you want to continue watching if you haven't watched all of the serie yet. So, I suggest watching it first if you're interested and then see if you liked it as well.

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