Spirited Away (2001)

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2001/7/20 125 min. Animation , Family , Fantasy



The story of "Spirited Away" is based on the true story of two girls who had a passionate love affair and who will live together for the rest of their lives. One of them was Princess Nausicaa of the Mushroom Forest, and she's always been there for the other one, but at some point in their lives, she left her in hopes that she could spend more time with her. This fairy tale of love, courage, and adventure has captivated all the Japanese audience, who has really enjoyed this movie.

The movie itself is full of colorful characters and it's really fun to watch. As I have already said, both of the female leads are spirited away by a brave princess to another world that is an enclosed world, where they would not have the chances to see their loved ones. It is a fun movie that is packed with a lot of adventures and a whole lot of romance.

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