Cars (2006)


2006/6/8 117 min. Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family

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Cars is a film that has not gone out of style and remains a classic in the life of a child as well as being part of each of his adventures, it can be seen by each child of the house, since it is suitable for all ages to be directed for minors even for adults, especially for all speed lovers, this film has been the art of our childhood to have from a toy to school supplies. Cars is undoubtedly a great brand to be part of our life, to leave one of the most beautiful messages in childhood of a growing child since values ​​such as leadership, love and friendship, important factors of the filming stand out

 Thanks to all of these qualities that are part of the projection, throughout history it has become one of the best animated films with excellent moral and teaching, this being very important for the upbringing and what has kept a great Space in our heart.

Cars, is a film of United States origin where it was recorded and carried out each of its animated scenes, is classified in the genre of adventure, comedy, fantasy. It has a total duration of 1 hour with 57 minutes, time in which I could enjoy a beautiful filming, full of adventures and lots of speed.

This movie was brought to theaters in June 2006 in a variety of countries, places where the audience confirmed that this delivery has a variety of scenes that give the audience endless emotions to the enjoy some cars that have life and are characterized even by acting as they were humans.

Also, this movie is characterized by having an incredible plot and high-quality cartoons, with striking colors and unrivaled characters, since they have an incredible personality that entertain us from its beginning to its end.

It was directed by the famous film director John Lasseter of American nationality, he has stood out in the middle for being an important part of a variety of film projects, he was the founder of Pixar and among his most outstanding deliveries is the young Shelock Holmes, La Bella and the Beast, Toy Story among others.

Among those responsible for bringing these animated cars to life to life, the important producer Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures are both companies responsible for bringing to the big screen this excellent project, both famous in the middle for providing the audience unforgettable movies.

Cars, begins by telling the story of a high-speed race in the so-called Piston Cup one of the most important in the city, it highlights the best runners including Strip Weathers and his terrible opponent Chick Hicks and the fabulous McQueen, who owns A great experience despite being very young is one of the biggest opponents.

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