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2008/1/1 78 min. Animation , Family



Barbie and the Diamond Castle are an online-based sequel to Barbie: Princess of Power. In this movie, Barbie finds a new purpose for her tiny legs; as she becomes a firecracker and hunts down a thief. It's also the film's first appearance of many of the other classic toys in the franchise, such as the Dodge Charger Pursuit, Ami-Ami, Bo Peep, Betty Boop and the Hot Wheels Rally Team. In this review, we'll take a look at why this movie has some big competition with Dreamworks' movie, Beauty and the Beast, and Disney's live-action adaptation of the same series, Aladdin.

Like Beauty and the Beast, the movie is a remake. It is also a good character/situation comedy film that caters to the female demographic. (Note: Disney's movies are also getting revamped lately. There are a lot of good books that focus on Disney girls; I suggest starting with: My Princess Boy by Erica Perkins.) As the story goes, the 'action' in this film takes place in the present day, while the earlier film takes place in the past.

This movie is narrated by the online video blog, and it was directed by former Viacom president and CEO, Tom Sullivan. The story revolves around Barbie who needs a leg replacement, and her adventures are related through pictures. The cast includes Natasha Lyonne, Dawn Ostroff, Alex Roe, and Halston Sage. The movie actually sounds good when it first starts, and it has some great sets, sets that you would expect from a blockbuster film.

This film has a lot in common with Beauty and the Beast, because both films have beautiful women in their roles, and both films have young women fighting for their independence and career. Both films also feature musical numbers with traditional Disney tunes. The movie starts with Barbie in a hospital being tended to by Nurse Tilbury.In this role, Ostroff plays the role of Tilbury, which is quite interesting.

When Belle is in the hospital, she has to leave her dog behind. So Belle gets a call from one of her friends, which is where we find the problem, because Belle wants to stop the thief, but her friend's brother thinks Belle is letting him down. Then Belle follows the criminal, who turns out to be an ex-KGB agent.

Belle finally gets Belle and the Beast back together, which is where she begins her adventures. A bottle of sparkling wine is used in this film, and the movie's musical numbers were done by Wayne Newton. The film had some budget issues, but it managed to pull it off. The lighting was pretty, and the sound effects were solid.

In addition to this movie having a lot in common with the Aladdin movie, it also was an inspiration for one of the most popular animated series of all time, the Dreamworks/MGM joint effort, The Little Mermaid. These two productions took their design elements and blended them to form one cohesive whole. After the movie ended, the new series got underway. The Little Mermaid was a huge hit and has been running ever since.

So, although this online video blog is not related to the series in any way, it does take its name from the popular cartoon. It is an entertaining and fun movie with all of the action and music that one would expect from an animated series. Although this movie isn't a classic, it is still worth a watch, especially if you liked the other series and don't mind watching a remake of an old show.

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