Anon (2018)


2018/5/3 100 min. Science Fiction , Thriller

Amanda Seyfried , Clive Owen , Iddo Goldberg , Mark O'Brien , Colm Feore , Sonya Walger , Joe Pingue , Sebastian Pigott , Rachel Roberts , Marco Grazzini



Set in a near-future international wherein there is no privateness, lack of knowledge or anonymity, our private recollections are recorded and crime almost ceases to exist. In trying to clear up a sequence of unsolved murders, Sal Frieland stumbles onto a young girl who seems to have subverted the device and disappeared. She has no identity, no history and no report. Sal realizes it can no longer be the end of crime however the beginning. Known most effective as 'The Girl', Sal have to find her before he will become the subsequent victim.


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