Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

2018/12/6 117 min. Action , Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Science Fiction

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An adult animated Spider-Man movie is more than just a Spider-Man cartoon - it's also a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie. This really is a coming of age story for the future web-slinger, and the film takes his adventures and puts them into the modern day. We see the exact same costume in this movie, and the only real difference is that Peter Parker is a teenager in New York.

The general plot of the movie revolves around Spider-Man and his quest to help people. He is on a mission to stop Rhino (a super villain) from using webs as weapons in an attempt to take over the country. When he decides to use these same webs to stop Rhino, he is placed in a heroic task where he must fight several villains who are after the same goal.

These movies really do work better than most animated movies because they can be directly linked to the comic books. You can have your favorite comic book story line incorporated in the film to give you that feeling of being right there in the action. They can tie into all the scenes in the movie and they aren't just there to be saved for the closing credits. The animated Spider-Man films aren't just about one person; they are a representation of the entire Spider-Man mythos.

In these Spider-Man movies, we see how the character Peter Parker changed. He loses his best friend Gwen Stacy, or Flash Thompson in the comics, but gains his love interest Mary Jane Watson. The story is about this teenage boy becoming a superhero.

The animated Spider-Man movies have really given a new life to the character. They don't follow any comic book formula at all. They are direct to the point and exciting, while still keeping a light-hearted feel.

However, the movie never can surpass the success of the first "Spider-Man" movie. The animated Spider-Man films have a few differences, but you're still in for a great time.

If you haven't seen the other Spider-Man movie, or the animated series, I would recommend doing so. But if you don't know what the first one was about, you might want to do a quick check of what's going on in the comics. There is a fun web-slinger, no more complicated than he was back then.

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