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2019/12/25 119 min. Action , Drama , Thriller , War

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One of the greatest movies of all time and a little known fact is that it is an adaptation of a German serial called Der Blitz der Gut, which was published in 1917. You would be hard pressed to find a better book to adapt into a movie.

It was written by Jan Berg in a very funny newspaper feature newsreel format. The story takes place in the early years of World War I and sets up the Vienna negotiations with the Allies. Most of the story takes place in and around Vienna.

The movie was adapted by Warren Littlefield. What he did was take the original script and cleaned it up. He also added a few new characters and made some changes in the plot and writing style. One of his biggest additions was to a romantic love story between the main character and the leading lady.

In the novel it wasn't quite as prominent because of the focus on Vienna and the story was all about the relationship between von Bismarck's new wife Marie. This was really not as romantic as the setting was more reflective of the high tensions and political and economic difficulties during the time.

The movie was originally called Black Sunday and Frank Lilly's son wrote and directed it. It was called just Black Sunday until after the first screening and it was a huge hit and instantly became a cultural phenomenon. It was based on one of the best selling books ever written and drew a good amount of female audience, mainly due to the fact that it was highly romantic.

The fact that this movie took the novel and turned it into a cinematic masterpiece and everyone knows about it and remembers it, will make it even more memorable. It was the single most successful movie adaptation of a non-fiction novel of all time. The only movie that came close was the long running one and that was about Cinderella.

{T1917 | serie} At the time the series ran for five years and there were four movies in all so we had five serie and if you add them all up you get almost a hundred movies. The greatest thing about the series is that it has all the main characters in it from the beginning all the way to the end with a little deviation here and there.

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