Aladdin (2019)


2019/5/22 128 min. Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Romance

Mena Massoud , Naomi Scott , Will Smith , Marwan Kenzari , Navid Negahban , Nasim Pedrad , Billy Magnussen , Numan Acar , Alan Tudyk , Frank Welker



Walt Disney brings back one of the most charismatic stories of his movie repertoire, which was a huge success and is remembered by great and not so great.

A story of fantasy, action, and fun, based on Aladdin's Arabic novel, from the literary bestseller Las Mil y Una Noche; the film was directed by Guy Ritchie, produced by Dan Lin t Marc Platt; the adaptation of the script his responsibility of John August, Guy Ritchie and Vanessa Taylor; as for Musicalization, photography and editing, Alan Meken, Alan Stewart and James Herbert respectively were in charge.

The film has a frontline acting cast, beginning with actor, singer, and entrepreneur Will Smith, who will play Genius Djinn; the Egyptian Mena Massoud will be Aladdin, the beautiful British actress, model, and singer Naomi Scott will be Princess Jasmin; Tunisian actor and television host Marwan Kenzari will be the evil Grand Vizier Jafar; Navid Negahban will play the Sultan; and the beautiful Iranian actress and comedian Nasim Pedrad will be Dalia, the faithful companion of the Princess.

Given that we are in the presence of a real live remake, the story is the same as the previous edition, so let's start, again ...

Navigating the waters of the Mediterranean, a fisherman and his family hope to reach the Kingdom of Agrabah; in the middle of the trip the little ones ask their father to sing a funny and interesting story; the fisherman begins to tell the story of a young thief who lived in the streets of the Agrabah market.

This young man is known by most local merchants; one day you get a beautiful young woman who, moved by two hungry children, gets into trouble with one of the bread vendors in the market, since she gave away her merchandise and has no way to pay her, Aladdin, seeing the situation, intervenes and tells the Young man in a low voice who should trust him and follow the game.

The angry merchant asks the young woman for a beautiful bracelet that she wears on her wrist, to which the young woman refuses to be an inheritance of her late mother, but Aladdin takes it off and gives it to the seller to get out of there safe ; but thanks to his thief skills and the complicity of skilled Abu monkey, Aladdin with a quick sleight of hand deceived the merchant and still has the bracelet in his possession.

Realizing that he was deceived begins an exciting persecution for the young woman, the thief and the monkey; Aladdin is known as the palm of his hand so it is easy to sneak away, when escaping from the Kingdom guards and the angry merchants, the young man takes the girl to his house where he assures him that they will be safe.

There he offers her a drink, and asks who she really is, since her clothes are not of the plebs, but rather of someone from royalty, without knowing what to answer, the young woman introduces herself as Jasmine the servant of the Princess of Agrabah ; impressed by the incredible view of Aladdin's home, she realizes that a delegation approaches the port and understands that she must leave and return to the palace.

In the middle of the street, the princess asks Aladdin to return her bracelet, but the young man checks his clothes and does not carry it with him; when he tries to excuse himself with the beautiful Jasmine, she incredulously feels cheated and stolen and leaves with the worst image of Aladdin.

By removing the bracelet from the evil monkey, Aladdin decides that he must sneak into the palace and return the jewel to the beautiful girl from whom he was shot; thanks to his abilities, he managed to sneak into the princess's room and return the bracelet.

Iago, the pet of the ruthless and resentful Grand Vizier Jafar, discovered Aladdin and immediately informed his master, who ordered him to capture him and take him to the dungeons; the next day Jafar rides him on a camel and takes him to the desert with him; he plays with his mind and tells him that the princess cheated on him as he usually does with many young people; but he is willing to make it immensely rich if it helps him recover the magic lamp that rests in the cave of wonders.

Aladdin dismayed accepts the proposal with the intention of becoming someone wealthy and be able to woo the beautiful princess, but he doesn't know that the ruthless Jafar will betray him.

The adventures of Aladdin and the magic lamp are just beginning, this quartet will have a lot of fun with its occurrences once they are reunited, we will sing and laugh to the beat of Ali Prince of Abadwa and suffer for the terrible actions of Jafar and his thirst for power.

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