Chasing the Dragon 2 : Master of Ransom (2019)

Chasing the Dragon 2 : Master of Ransom

2019/7/19 min.

Tony Leung Ka-Fai , Louis Koo , Gordon Lam Ka-Tung , Simon Yam



Written, directed and produced by the Hong Kong Wong Jing; distributed by Bona Film Group, and premiered on June 6, 2019; this Asian film of excellent repercussions is starring Tony Leung Ka Fai, Gordon Lam, Louis Koo, Sherman Ye, Phat Chang, Sabrina Qiu, and Simon Yam.

Chasing The Dragon 2 is a spin-off of its predecessor, since they are certainly films of the action and violence genre, and deal with the same underlying theme, such as the criminality and corruption of China more than twenty years ago, are not related to the other, that is, is not the continuation and uses the same characters, not even the same director; adopts the name of 'Chasing The Dragon' for a strictly commercial and advertising strategy, which, being an Asian film, this strategy would allow it to somehow use the success of its predecessor as a springboard to make its way into other markets outside its borders.

This Asian film production shows us the twilight of the criminal career of the famous and ruthless Cheung Tze Keung, nicknamed as Big Spencer; who will be known during the film by the name of Logan, this murderer, kidnapper, thief, smuggler and head of the Chinese mafia, control and scourge the city of Hong Kong for a long time; He had infiltrated all the institutions of the city and bought hundreds of consciences to continue dominating the streets.

This famous criminal dies at forty-three years of age because of his conviction; He was punished with the death penalty and shot by the authorities on December 5, 1998.

This famous criminal who used to play the Asian Robin Hood, controlled an entire city by bribery, a part of the population idolized him for his economic royalties and his financing for social projects in the lowest strata of society; while the great entrepreneurs, personalities and rich people of Hong Kong feared him for having the profile of his favorite victims.

Everything starts a couple of years before its execution, Logan kidnaps the children of a powerful and renowned local businessman, and they are Lui and Li; for his rescue, the criminal asks for two billion Hong Kong dollars, an exorbitant figure.

Logan always warns his victims that he has eyes and ears in all the institutions of the city and that he will know immediately if he is denounced with the authorities, and that if that happens, the person or persons in captivity will lose their lives.

That said, everyone makes the payment, they know that he is serious and that the police at that time were rotten by corruption; so no one could arrest him, there was not a single complaint against him, his file was blank.

The Logan mafia each has greater reach, in fact, it crosses the borders of Hong Kong, so the authorities need to find a way to capture it, but since there is nothing against it and with hundreds of people taking care of its back, it must be a secret operation of the highest level, they must capture him committing the crime to have a probative fact and condemn it.

To do this, select Detective Sky, a young and honest officer who must infiltrate Logan's ranks to discover his plans and have the precise information to dismantle the powerful mafia.

But it will not be as simple as it seems, Sky must begin to rub shoulders in the foundations of the Logan organization, I have won the trust of the bosses to reach the ringleader, will face extreme situations and must overcome many tests, but above all it must protect his identity since if they discover him he will be a dead man.


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