Color Out of Space (2019)

Color Out of Space

2019/9/24 111 min. Horror , Science Fiction

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The Movie is about a television commercialographer and his wife who are on a road trip to the place where they will shoot a commercial for a better living wage. They meet up with an old friend of theirs and have dinner. After dinner they go out on a car chase but as soon as they hit the edge of the road a tornado appears and sends them spinning into the sewer pipe.

At this point in the movie, a giant head with large teeth is seen with a band on it, speaking the following lines. "Make color out of space". This was a quote used for the title of the movie.

What happens is the color of the sewer is formed using the charcoal, dioxane and a urethane based paint. They travel to the brain of the snake that created the sewer and wake it up using urethane. The serpent takes them back to the ocean where they find another friend of theirs in a submarine.

It seems as the movie ends when they land on a star, which is where the snake came from. The girl says that the three most important factors in how the sewer was formed was time, gravity and dark matter. From this they found out the answer to the question, what color was the sewer. Dark matter also came from movies like this.

People always ask me what I consider to be the best part of the film. I would say the turning point of the film was when they landed on the star, the one that led them back to the city they were in at the beginning of the film. This moment was very special for me because it finally answers the question what color was the sewer.

To me, it made perfect sense because at the end of the movie the serpent looks up at the stars and says "There are no stars,only you". They know that they are now in a living planet and that they must leave before their deaths. So they think to themselves, "The Earth is on fire and there is nothing for us here, let's get out of here and fly to the stars".

The movie ends with the Serpent telling them to "Go!" which I believe is the beginning of the next installment in the serie. I hope you enjoyed the article. Follow my blog for more.

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