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2019/11/19 111 min. Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Romance



One of the most popular horror movies of all time is The Coma. It has a cult following among many horror fans. This is because it features the well-known character, Freddy Krueger. In this article we will discuss the movie as a whole.

This film is set in the small town of Dunedin, Minnesota. It takes place in the same town where the first Freddy was seen in the original movie. This is also where the movie takes place after the series' continuity is continued.

The movie begins with a group of kids playing a game of hide and seek in the backyard. They are hiding in a very nice, comfortable, and comfy red chair that seems to be in perfect condition for so long. No one else is around but them. One of the children decides to remove their shoes and then leaves in one of their sneakers, leaving the other two to search for them. They quickly find their shoes, but not the hiding kids.

After a few minutes, the hiding kids decide to get out of the comfy chair and search for their friends. However, they come across some metal spikes sticking out of the ground, causing one of the other kids to fall. That kid becomes the victim of the killer. As the other two search frantically for the other, the killer appears behind them. He proceeds to stab the girl in the chest and she falls dead.

A police officer and a doctor to arrive at the murder scene and the officer starts searching for the other victims. After he finds the other two bodies, he immediately puts the body of the first victim into a body bag. Before he could perform an autopsy, the killer appears from behind him and stabs him in the back.

Several days pass and mangoes to visit his daughter who was staying with her mother who is a single parent. She tells him that she wants to visit her boyfriend, and in a fit of rage he kills her boyfriend. When she returns to the killer's house, he immediately commits suicide by slashing his throat.

A few weeks later, the husband comes home from work and is confronted by the serial killer. He immediately turns and runs out of the house. The woman takes a message on her cell phone from the husband saying that he needs to come home. He calls her from the dead, telling her that he has killed his wife and is now going to kill her.

The film ends with her son running down the street. The movie then ends abruptly and there is no conclusion to the story. The film features the well-known character, Freddy Krueger, as the main antagonist.

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