Dark Waters (2019)

Dark Waters

2019/11/22 127 min. Drama , Thriller

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The Movie: The Last Dragon is a dark tale about a young boy whose life and history are unraveling and who may have just out of the blue been tapped by the Wizard of Doom to act as his apprentice. Since he's not very intelligent, he's too young to take the big steps required for the next step in the search for immortality. His only weapons will be a raging fire and a magic sword that can change into an axe. In order to rescue his father and discover the fate of his family, he'll have to make some very important decisions.

The Movie: The Dark Waters is part one of the serie. The plot revolves around Andrey (Zorion) trying to find his brother's killer. While searching through the forest for clues, he is approached by the wizard Zor (Avalos) who gives him the special sword 'Shard'. This magical sword grants its user the power to become a dragon. After having his mind changed, Andrey fights alongside Zor to save the life of his brother's killer, Solovia.

The Plot: The Dark Waters is loosely based on the popular myths of Greek mythology. Part one explores the myths of Perseus, the Dragon, the Damned, the Intrepid Greeks, the Serpent and Perseus's mother. Andrey's journey will allow him to find the truth behind the story. The movie is widely known for the imaginative story line and the vivid costumes of the actors.

The Movie: When I saw the movie, I was quite amazed by the accuracy of the online version. There were many scenes that were true to the movie but added to the 'online' version. At first, I thought this was a modern rendition of the story but then I realized it wasn't. I must have been the only one to see the movie with this in mind. Another benefit is that since the story involves dragons, the colors and the text are pretty realisticto them.

The Movie: The online edition is less lengthy. However, it's not boring either. It follows the same general plot of the movie, but it's not nearly as exciting. The movie is also not that long, just under thirty minutes.

The Movie: Online there are more action scenes. Some of the movie is not as fast paced as it is on screen. There is also a lot more humor than the movie allows. Also, one problem is that there are a few scenes that are shortened. But overall, the movie is still entertaining.

I believe The Dark Waters has a lot of merit in it. There are much suspense, a lot of great acting and an interesting story line. Even though the movie doesn't have as much action as the other movies, it does provide some, which is why it was called the Dark Waters. If you haven't seen the movie, you should check it out. Then go watch the movie again. After that, go and read some of the reviews online.

I do recommend this movie to all fans of the TV series. The movie had the same creative energy and awesome acting of the TV series, but it's shorter. The Dark Waters is another great addition to the series.

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