Frozen II (2019)

Frozen II

2019/11/20 104 min. Adventure , Animation , Family

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There is not much doubt about the fact that Frozen II is a huge hit, after its first movie. Its sequel has only become a bigger success, after this. Though the majority of people are now quite aware of it, there are still some that are not very satisfied with it.

Because of the numerous sequels, most of them are incomplete, as you can probably see in the movie. And even if there are some, they do not look like the movies that we were used to see in the theaters. I can think of only one reason why some people are complaining about this movie. They believe that some scenes in the movie are more animated than the others. Although there is nothing wrong with the animation, there are many scenes where you may think that it is not real.

I think that the movie would have been more successful if it was animated, because I always thought that animators can make all the scenes look natural. Of course, this does not mean that Frozen is made in a child-like manner. In fact, there are scenes where Elsa is very sensual and naughty. One example is when she stands up for her cat, Astrid. Other characters that you will notice in the movie are Reindeer, Snow Groomer, Fox's Father, King Kurt and a few other.

Despite all the references in the fairytale and the magic in the fairy tale, the characters and the story behind the movie are very well-developed and realistic. This movie seems to be the one with the most variety of characters. They have both a good and a bad side. It is not just the characters but the theme as well. The fairytale and the magic in the fairytale make a comeback in this movie, as well as the rich and beautiful Queen Elsa.

Another thing about this movie that people complain about is the sex and nudity. You will find that the movie contains a little bit of nudity, however, it is not too excessive. While the scenes are simply erotic, you will not have an urge to watch it again. Just take your kids, or those friends that you will have, with you. You will not even miss the wonderful scene of Elsa holding the Prince Hans by his waist.

You can not deny that this movie has some problems. First of all, the music is not that good. While the orchestra plays the symphonic music, they sometimes play in a way that it becomes distracting. Plus, the music doesn't fit the movie very well. Although the background is beautiful, the score is not impressive.

This film is great, but if you want a movie that can satisfy you and your family, then you should not waste your time on this one. Instead, you should go for the next one, which I believe is already out.

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