F#*@BOIS (2019)


2019/8/2 min. Drama

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We were all excited when Mr. Norman Lear's F#*@BOIS was picked up by the BBC and then will be aired on ITV. As soon as we heard, we started looking for the movie and trailer. However, with some efforts we found some movie screenings for the film and a trailer online. We will discuss what we liked and dislike in this article.

First of all, I didn't care for the movie. It is more about the drama, and on the other hand it was better than the drama that the directors created. It is like watching a TV show instead of an actual movie.

But let me tell you, I love the people and the British culture that portrayed in the film. I was amazed at the British accents they use in the movie, especially Mr. Ferguson. I couldn't help but think how nice they would look if they were portrayed by a British actor.

The script for the movie was very long, but at the same time the script needed to be re-written for the Internet version. I understand the producers of the movie wanted to keep the true meaning of the story. The script needed to be updated for online.

I'm not saying that the movie wasn't good. I've watched several movies online and I think it was better than the TV version. The movie had a theme about the culture of the United Kingdom, that was the highlight of the movie for me.

Another negative that I could find was the SERIES. The series seemed to be more about fashion. We got the first movie in 2020 and then we got the second movie in 2020. You don't need more than one or two seasons to show the full drama and beauty of the British culture.

The sad part is, as soon as the SERIES ended, we never get to see what happens next in the series. I feel the producers can stop the series for now and start another one for another five years.

Overall, I think the movie will be good for the people who loved the television series. I think it is better for those who wanted to watch something else besides the series.

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