Gemini Man (2019)

Gemini Man

2019/10/2 117 min. Action , Thriller

Will Smith , Mary Elizabeth Winstead , Clive Owen , Benedict Wong , Douglas Hodge , Linda Emond , Theodora Woolley , Justin James Boykin , Alexandra Szucs , Victor Hugo



On October 11, 2019, Paramount Picture presents its new action and science fiction cinematographic work; by the hand of Taiwanese director Ang Lee, producers Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison, give life to an original story by Darren Lemke and David Benioff with screenplay adaptations by Billy Ray; the musicalization, photography, and editing were the responsibility of Lorne Balfe, Dion Beebe, and Tim Squyres respectively.

This cinematographic work has the performances of Will Smith with a double roll, on the one hand personifying Henry Borgan, a member of the Security Intelligence Agency, which is dedicated to eliminating key objectives that threaten the peace of the United States of America, inside or outside its territory; on the other, he plays Jackson Borgan, a clone of Henry in a much younger data that is created to eliminate taking him out of circulation and filling his post, without complaints or questions.

Within the cast we also find Mary Elizabeth Winstead, this beautiful American actress and singer plays the role of Dani Zakarweski, an elite agent of the US Navy who works for the Security Intelligence Agency, which is rescued by Henry before being murdered Englishman Benedict Wong is Baron, an old acquaintance than Henry; Ralph Brown is Del Patterson, a member of Henry's action team within the DIA; Clive Owen plays Clayton Varis, a talented scientist who leads the Gemini Project within the DIA and creator of Jackson Borgan, and actress Linda Emond will be Janet Lassiter, general director of the DIA, among others.

The film was well-received by the specialized critics and the general public, standing out above all the performances of its protagonists, Smith and Winstead, who showed an incredible solidity in their respective characters; the story, although not very original, comes to refresh a bit the already recurring films that the big producers have not used to. The film received more than sixty-five percent acceptance and obtained a weighting in the main film portals on the five units out of ten possible.

The film is set in the future not too distant, although it may show technology that probably does not exist in these times. A new mission is assigned to the elite assassin of the American government, Henry Borgan; he must eliminate a dangerous terrorist who travels on the edge of a modern high-speed train, the DIA agent takes a position and just waits for the exact moment to fulfill the mandate; Borgan does not work alone, with him is the figure of the observer, a person who indicates all the movements that occur around him and helps him in case of escape or help.

In the middle of the trip, the observer tells him that Henry that a girl approaches the target and has no clean shot, but Borgan must fulfill his mission, so he changes his mind and shoots at the neck instead of the head, which causes great stir by the amount of blood and how the target dies.

Upon returning to the DIA, Henry Borgan understands that something happens with him, he is no longer the same as he was a few years ago, he knows that the moment of retirement has arrived, so he asks to leave to join civil life; your request is granted, with the condition that you are always alert in case the IAD needs your advice at any time.

Henry leads a quiet life, meets Dani, a beautiful woman who works in a boat rental agency; and he returns to some friendships like Jack, who was also with the DIA; one day this friend tells Henry that one of his informants has evidence that his last objective was not a terrorist, but an innocent person who had information and that the DIA needed him out of circulation.

Henry cannot believe what he hears, so he immediately begins to investigate, the DIA finds out and it is not convenient for Borgan to discover the truth, so they should eliminate it, but who might be able to kill the best murderer, and the answer was, the same.

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