Good Boys (2019)

Good Boys

2019/8/14 89 min. Comedy

Jacob Tremblay , Brady Noon , Keith L. Williams , Molly Gordon , Midori Francis , Will Forte , Josh Caras , Retta , LilRel Howery , Millie Davis



The film Good Boys is one of many that portrays a child's transition to puberty and all the concerns and all that entails leaving behind a stage to start a new one, accompanied by your friends.

Produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the guiding thread that he has with other films where these two names are related, especially with Superbad where Rogen and Goldberg were scriptwriters and from my perspective, have the same premise: a group of friends who want to attend a party and do their utmost to achieve it, even if this involves doing things that are not suitable for their age and even outside the law.

Thor, Max, and Lucas, played by Brady Noon, Jacob Tremblay and Keith L. Williams, are three children who feel puberty and together form an inseparable group, however they begin to have different concerns, one of them is suffering from the divorce of their parents, another seeks to fit with the popular even if it involves doing things he does not want and that girls begin to like and wants to get their attention.

The adventure begins when they are invited, by Soren, the most popular child, to a party where there will be kisses and a genuine concern arises: none of them knows how to kiss. Hence the whole action of the film is triggered where a drone, the neighbor, drugs and sex toys are what decorate this predictable but fun story.

One of the recurring resources throughout the film is that of Thor's parents' sex toys, which children, without knowing what they are, use them as weapons to achieve their goal.

Although it is a formula that we have already seen and is not surprising, the film touches sensitive fibers such as friendship and how life separates you from those people you always thought would be by your side.

Talk about the importance of having friends by your side where you can support yourself when things are not going well, accomplices when we want to get something and even guides and counselors who make you realize when you're wrong.

The film, despite being a comedy, makes an interesting reflection of how people change and how relationships change with them without implying that we stop wanting.

Being a pretentious zero comedy does not take away from having very intelligent touches of humor, although sometimes the issue of sex in which the characters live with sex toys without knowing what they are or how they are used is quite repetitive.

In the performances of preteens, Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams are very good and their interpretations are impeccable. Each one printed their stamp and they make the three characters very nice, without falling into clichés and stereotypes.

The three protagonists are friendly and intelligent and achieve that connection with the public, and they are also children going through a stage of life that all of us experience, so it is kind of easy to connect with them even if we are not the same age, since this is not just an age we all go through but one that marks us deeply. They are the soul and the success of the movie. A casting success of three young stars, which we hope to see in future projects.

In conclusion, all these elements make viewers come out with a good taste for their intelligence, grace, and honesty. It is not the movie of the year but it is not a silly comedy about children who want to kiss, 'Good Boys' goes further, reflecting on the nature of the ties that bind us with our friends and perfectly fulfills its goal of entertaining and doing have a good time.


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