Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)

Ip Man 4: The Finale

2019/12/20 105 min. Action , Drama , History

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In the closing scene of the fourth episode of the Ip Man movie series, King David kidnaps Capri Pitts, daughter of Anthony and Jane Pitts. An act of god causes him to fall ill and he needs a miracle. Enter the U.S. Coast Guard's Captain Clark, a sea urchin who is sent by the government to recover Capri Pitts and bring her back to America.

He chooses to smuggle Capri in his urchin, called Joe, so that she will make it through the winter without being detected. Capri ends up stranded at a Florida port with a leaky boat. Captain Clark is lost in the seas but not before he rescues an old friend who tries to warn him of imminent doom.

Captain Clark, armed with an old Polaroid camera, hopes to see Capri before she is found. Capri's mother is given a letter by a half-blind man who claimed to be Capri's father. Capri is rescued and brought back to America. She now lives with the Pitts family, then discovers that her father is not Joe's father after all.

This time out, Capri is working as a waitress in a bordello, waiting for Joe to come back from America. Capri's life is starting to take a turn for the better when she witnesses the town full of soldiers being attacked by pirates. She then witnesses the story of the boy, Joe, who is the son of one of the soldiers who was rescued from the pirates. Capri also witnesses the death of her father as well as the murder of a barmaid who witnessed the attack on the town's soldiers.

In a twist of fate, Capri now becomes the daughter of a man named John Johnson. John is the son of an American soldier who was rescued from the pirates and who lost his legs in the war. When he and Capri meet again, they decide to be good friends.

Capri finds John's boat in the harbor but it has a broken mast. Capri thinks she might have found her father but instead finds herself in danger. The captain tells her that she has to make a decision, and she does.

In Ip Man, this is the end of the last episode. This movie ended on a high note and it will continue its story in an upcoming season.

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