Jojo Rabbit (2019)

Jojo Rabbit

2019/10/18 108 min. Comedy , Drama , War

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Jojo Rabbit, a very popular series of cartoon series from the Disney studio has been made into an animated movie. Jojo was a rabbit who became a warrior in the Hundred Warriors story line. Since he is not a hero like other rabbit heroes, Jojo would stop at nothing to get his vengeance against evil rabbit villains.

Online movie fans are in a tizzy trying to find the movie online. The movie is available in various video websites but most of them don't show it or worse that they have the movie version in their website. They even ask for premium membership. Do not be a fool, what you see is what you pay for, online movie is almost always inferior quality than the original version.

The reason is this movie is so overrated and not funny at all. Jojo was supposed to be the ultimate warrior, he is a very popular character, with hundreds of fans, the creators wanted him to fight good guys. The movie had good ideas and worked great. What you see is what you pay for and one thing you have to learn, any movie that has all those important bunny sounds is not worth your time.

The quality of the movie and its movies is very poor. One of the main issues is the special effects is not up to snuff. The first impression is very bad and I think the makers of the movie used a lot of CGI's in their movie. What happens if you watch a few scenes out of the movie?

In the movie Jojo, there are no music, no sound effects and other things are missing. You can tell they were not true to the story and the movie makers paid close attention to the Jojo characters in the movie and in the original story.

In order to see the movie, you will have to subscribe to the online video service and pay $10 to view the movie. This would give you a lot of access to the entire film, and there is no limit to how many times you can watch the movie. Most online video sites have full length versions of the movie, but the shorter version is not the real movie.

My recommendation is do not expect any movie worth your time to be online. There are better websites that offer superior quality and realistic movie-like performances. Movies are made to entertain people so do not expect a live action movie to be able to top the real thing.

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