Joker (2019)


2019/10/2 122 min. Crime , Drama , Thriller

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DC films in association with Warner Bros, present a cinematographic work as few, something really unexpected for lovers of comics-related films; this tape is rather like a breath of fresh air for the general public that is tired of superheroes and fantasy.

Joker, a low budget movie but with exceptional quality, like few others; the film was screened for the first time at the film festival in Venice, Italy, on August 31, 2019, immediately the experts in the field realized that they were facing perhaps the best film of the year, with performances difficult to compare for his histrionic interpretations.

The film was directed and produced by American Todd Phillips, who had the collaboration of actor, singer, songwriter and filmmaker Bradley Cooper; the story was written is based on the literature of Bill Finger & Jerry Robinson; while the adaptation of the script was the responsibility of Scott Silver.

The elect is composed of the excellent Puerto Rican actor Joaquin Phoenix, who will give life to Arthur Fleck and the Joker; American actress Frances Hardman Conroy is Penny Fleck; Hollywood actor, producer and figure Robert De Niro is Murray Franklin; American television actor Peter Brett Cullen is Thomas Wayne; while German actress Zazie Olivia Beetz played Sophie Dumond.

The story begins in nineteen eighty-one, in the fictional Gothic City; which lives one of its worst moments, goes through a very strong recession process that affects the less favored citizens, the working class as unemployment every day is bigger; the great sources of employment are forced to close their doors and leave thousands of families without livelihoods.

A strong movement of protests invades the streets of the city in search of a solution to the terrible economic problems that the population is going through, while hierarchs like the Wayne live their millionaire and eccentric lives.

Arthur Fleck is a citizen of the Gothic city, who suffers the same financial problems as the rest of the population of his social stratum; the terrible difference is that it presents a psychological picture of mental disorders, which should be treated under strict medium vigilance and medication supply.

Arthur regularly attends a social service provided by the state where they provide him with psychological therapy and provide him with the necessary medications to control one of his disorders; Arthur tends to laugh involuntarily at inappropriate times, laughs mockingly, without any intention, is part of his mental condition; but unfortunately the crisis reaches social security facilities and Arthur runs the risk of being left unattended and devoid of his medication.

To earn a living honestly, he works as a clown doing street advertising for commercial stores, and at night and free time he works as a comedian performing life, in bars; Arthur still lives with his mother, an old and sick woman, but whom he loves madly and on which he depends emotionally.

A day like any other, in the middle of his working day as an advertising clown, a group of abusive young people decide to annoy him by stealing the poster with which he advertises; Arthur runs after them and in the middle of an alley they hit him abruptly breaking the ad in his head.

His co-worker Randall helps him and tells him that in the face of the overflowed crime of Gothic city he cannot be unprotected, so he lent him a firearm. The next day Arthur is fired from his job for being armed, but when he tries to explain what happens, Randall himself denies it, he indicates that he doesn't know anything about that weapon.

While going home, he is bothered by three men in a drunken state, all employees of the prestigious Wayne corporation, nerves betray Arthur and start laughing involuntarily, that makes the abusive annoying, who beat him mercilessly , Arthur takes the gun and shoots, murders the two who beat him, at that moment something woke up inside him, and nothing would ever be the same, he understood that he could defend himself, that he could be respected and end the abuses, so I execute to the third man in cold blood.

From that day Arthur changed forever, his uncontrolled laughter would no longer be a problem, but it would be his weapon.

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