Just Mercy (2019)

Just Mercy

2019/12/25 136 min. Drama

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Just Mercy is a three-part award-winning story by the French writer Anne Joseph. A film adapted from this book was released in 2020. The movie tells the story of the three days in which two sisters Lucia and Marlene spent with their grandparents, who owned a small inn in the mountains.

At the beginning of the movie, our heroine Marlene tries to take her cousin James hostage for ransom but is stopped by his father, Mafalda. The ensuing scuffle causes a blood stain on James' shirt. He is later seen in an ambulance with his face covered in bandages. James is critically injured and his grandfather commits suicide.

Shortly after, they take Baby to a very sick baby clinic in Piarri. Soon after this, her grandparents invite the young couple to stay with them. In their flat, the baby is held hostage by her grandfather, whose number has been written on her hand.

When she was five days old, Baby was taken away by a death squad and given to a black baby. This baby was supposed to be killed once her husband took a job in Africa. Now she must live with the death squad's baby because her husband couldn't take her away when he went to Africa. During the trip to Africa, she sees her baby brother dying and overhears one of the death squad members say that he does not want her and will kill her.

One night, a rescue group led by Alex Cross (Kenneth Branagh) saves the life of the murdered baby, and two soldiers of the rescue group are named Will (Charlie Hunnam) and Ben (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). A day or so later, Baby is brought back to the orphanage to live with her family. There, the young ladies take care of her, but the young women are also threatened by an armed mob.

I do like Just Mercy quite a lot. It takes us through a journey of an orphan girl's childhood. Some of the scenes I liked the most were, when James brought a knife to a gun fight; when Marlene comes home from school and finds her baby's face all bloody and looking sad; when the nuns warned Marlene about the death squad and told her to stay away; when the nuns suggested they should tell James about what they had done.

The acting was average in the movie. The characters were well developed and it is interesting to learn more about them, especially those characters that the audience already knows. Some of the other actors are not so good in the movie; and some characters never really seem to happen in the story.

The ending of the movie was very predictable. The consequences were also predictable; though the resolution of the plot is what really counts. Some people may not like the movie but I think it is a worthwhile movie to watch. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes stories with a slight twist.

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