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2019/6/21 min. Comedy , Romance



By using online videos, we can see how powerful the power of positive images to the human mind is. Videos online helps us learn to love the way we are instead of the way we had been conditioned to be.

In the movie serie, Port of Call, our protagonist Tommy Parker (Vincent D'Onofrio) had a vision that would change his life. A woman (Madeline Kahn) will die if he doesn't do something for her, so he decides to help in a disaster at sea. It will take courage to see what's really behind the curtain, but he needs to know the truth to protect the woman he loves.

In the film, the woman, Hilda (Diane Lane), is "The Siren" (Diane Lane). She is always trying to persuade Tom that she's not really as sexy as she seems to be and that she's not "really" his soul mate. Tom is not certain if he believes her, but he keeps believing because of his own feelings. He's having an affair with the co-worker, Melanie (Janeane Garofalo), with whom he shares a very passionate connection.

At first, they only shared emotions, but their love deepened through the movie. The passion and attraction between them began to reach the realms of reality.

For those who are serious about learning how to love the way you are, consider adding movies such as The Siren to your daily movie sessions. Let yourself think that you can and you will win her heart, when you are actually not in the mood for it.

One of the characters in the movie is a movie star named Laetitia Casta. She was played by Angelina Jolie. She is a lady who is crazy about Tom, but she finds that he is too detached from the one she adores, Joan Crawford (Michelle Pfeiffer).

If you don't want to see a "serious" drama, take a breath before watching this film. There are some funny scenes, but they don't take away from the seriousness of the relationship. Remember that this is a film about love and it's a metaphor for the world in general.

A Serio movie is best watched if you've never seen a serio before. Learn how to love the way you are and then let yourself see what's behind the facade.

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