Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

2019/10/16 118 min. Adventure , Family , Fantasy

Angelina Jolie , Elle Fanning , Michelle Pfeiffer , Harris Dickinson , Sam Riley , Chiwetel Ejiofor , Ed Skrein , Robert Lindsay , David Gyasi , Jenn Murray



The queen of evil returns to the big screen, Disney's favorite villain returns from the hand of Norwegian director Joachim Ronning, and American producer Joe Roth. The story is original by Linda Woolverton and was released in the United States of America on October 18, 2019.

The story begins five years after the death of Princess Aurora's father, who now reigns the world of the Moors; everything is peace and tranquility, Aurora turned out to be an excellent Queen, and together with her protector, counselor, and mother figure, Maleficent, the kingdom is constantly progressing.

However, despite having performed heroic acts and having changed, Maleficent is still considered the most fearsome villain that has ever existed, especially in the realm of humans; one day, Diaval, the faithful servant of Maleficent, arrives in the ears of Prince Phillip, ruler of the kingdom of Ulstead, asking for the hand of Queen Aurora in marriage.

This news does not like the Queen of Evil very well and tells Aurora that she strongly refuses that union since that love will never last, her kingdoms are very different and can never reach a consensus.

Aurora ignores his warnings and agrees to attend a meeting at Prince Phillip's palace, where Asu's parents will have dinner together and formally present the engagement. Aurora pleads with Maleficent to accompany her, she is like her mother and needs her to be at his side at such an important moment.

The powerful sorceress and Queen of creatures accept without agreeing, but does not want to leave her little Aurora alone; once at the table, things start to get tense when Phillip's mother, Queen Ingrid, begins to narrate as an evil spell to poor Aurora without even being born, as a murderer to King Stefan, and as a murderer to dozens of humans with their wars.

The Queen of Evil is upset, but her patience ended when Queen Ingrid affirmed that at the time of Aurora she married her son Phillip, she will finally have a real family; Maleficent already obstinate Ingrid's insolence cast an eternal dream spell that affected King John.

The guards entered the room to capture Malefice, but this achievement fled by the sale, one of them managed to shoot an arrow that hurt her and made her fall directly into the sea; the dying sorceress is rescued by a mysterious winged creature, which takes her to a safe place away from the kingdom of Ulstead.

When he wakes up he meets his savior, Conall a fairy-like her; when he looks around he observes numerous creatures equal to her who have taken refuge seeking to flee the hunt of humans, Conall the community leader tells him that she is the last powerful Dark Feys; at that moment he meets Borra, the warrior of the community who believes that the solution is to end humans, but Conall's peaceful instinct does not allow it.

Maleficent must recover her beloved Aurora, the fairies tell her the terrible plans of Queen Ingrid, she wants to exterminate all the magical creatures of the kingdom, for this, a powerful lethal red poison is prepared for them; it's time to act and the powerful Dark Feys knows it.

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