Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

2019/7/25 162 min. Comedy , Drama , Thriller

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A collection of different book and movie reviews, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the story of a once successful actress who falls into a life of substance abuse and depression. The movie features multiple Oscar winners including Shirley MacLaine, Kathleen Turner, John Cleese, Paul Sorvino, David Strathairn, and Geena Davis. Robert De Niro stars as "Jack", the once-popular star of movie stars that has turned into a depressed drunk and a gambler. The plot of the movie is inspired by the tragic real life of Paris Hilton.

Each chapter of the book includes a short synopsis of the story that may be available at any online source. This movie review summarizes the story by comparing the film to the story. One can also read the summary at IMDB.com. The movie seems to follow closely on the story of the book, making this a good idea for fans of the author. If not, one may also choose to view the movie online.

The plot of the movie resembles real life in that Paris and Jack meet each other's main character in various scenes of the story. However, it does not follow the exact same path as in the novel. The movie's movie stars like John Goodman, Carey Mulligan, Megan Fox, Russell Crowe, and Mark Wahlberg are presented in the same film style as they were in the novel.

Some of the movie scenes in the movie depict Paris' descent into alcoholism, depression, and eventual suicide as she can no longer relate to society anymore. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood may be less of a movie than the book, but the movies do show the modern lifestyle of a Hollywood starlet.

In contrast to the book, there is no soundtrack in the movie. Instead, a TV set with a projection system is used. This movie review does highlight that the movie uses several effective uses of sound to create a realistic sense of the movie's atmosphere. The scenes may be very funny at times, but the level of reality of them is missing.

One can read the online version of the movie. Many online sources contain movie reviews and opinions. If the reader does not want to visit the movie theater, a movie review site may be a better choice. The cost is somewhat higher than at the movie theater.

The movie is available online. A good opportunity for fans of the movie to see the movie.

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