A Hidden Life (2019)

A Hidden Life

2019/12/11 174 min. Drama , History , War

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It is interesting to watch the two previous movies that did not get much attention before, The Secret and A Hidden Life, since they seem to be the two most mysterious movies in the first two segments of the show. Well, it is true, they are definitely mysterious. The secrets of these people caught on film are definitely very special, with captivating twists and turns of the story and characters.

This movie is a collection of seven short films by Masaru Emoto, who is an extremely talented Japanese director. The series was originally aired on Japanese TV and was well-received, earning Emoto a lot of attention. However, its true story has never been told to the public, until now. It is quite likely that you are going to be amazed when you finish this movie and want to know what happened next!

The cast of characters is very attractive and so is the plot of A Hidden Life. The cast includes Yosuke Matsuda, Reiko Shimizu, Kana Asumi, Natsuko Ishigaki, Tomoko Kataoka, and Emi Wakabayashi. All the actors look like real people, not some actors portraying real characters. Their acting is so believable and natural, as if they were really in the place where the story takes place. The scenery, too, is so accurate and they blend well with each other, making their performance complete.

Since The Secret is about good guys battling evil, A Hidden Life is a great place to understand why people become villains. The first scene of the movie shows two kids, one in black and white, the other in color. It's almost impossible to describe the scene to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. The contrast between the two elements is so strong that you are sure that it's not a dream. The movie continues with scenes, shooting scenes, the battle scenes, the long battle scenes and the strange mix of colors that make you realize how beautifully realistic it is. An old man keeps watching TV, and he knows nothing but dreams in a dark room. Suddenly, a man appears in his room, and he knows everything. That man tries to tell him what he needs to know. He tells him about a man with a beautiful and mysterious face. However, that man tells him, "Don't let your guard down".

The movie begins with a long voice over, introducing a character named Toba, who claims to be an associate of a "black letter" writer named Hamada. However, this story is nothing but a fabrication of Mr. Tamura. For those who know something about the world of hidden movies, it is definitely a mystery what's about to happen.

The movie is full of scenes of action, such as fights and battles, yet it also introduces several different weapons and tools for the next movies. The conflicts are presented and shown in a very realistic way. As far as the story is concerned, everything makes sense and is as it should be.

The Last Movie is definitely an enjoyable and spectacular film. Although the two earlier movies seemed to be more suspenseful and intriguing, A Hidden Life proved to be much more fun and engaging, and an amazing watch!

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