The Platform (2019)

The Platform

2019/11/8 95 min. Drama , Science Fiction

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The platform is an article that has been translated into more than ten languages. The article was published on The Hollywood Reporter. The post, written by Mary J. Blige, states that the "Platform" has been transformed from a piece of mainstream commercial music into a non-commercial internet documentary. The Platform tells the story of the MySpace revolution from the indie music scene and its impact on the independent web site, YouTube.

The writer explains that the film takes the viewer on a journey to examine how MySpace catapulted a group of outsiders into a new and different market and the company's impact on independent music artists. The Platform goes behind the scenes of the MySpace creation and the impact it had on young upstart artists like Rhett and Link and other corporate artists who benefitted from the MySpace revolution. The fact that YouTube won't have any feature length documentaries until 2020 makes The Platform one of the most anticipated films this year.

A review of the Screening Room, a blog set up by the producers of The Platform explains that the movie follows the journey of an aspiring singer named Alex Heath who creates his own web site "On The Platform". He meets other stars who he became friends with including the founders of the film, Michelle and Jarek Ghemawat. They revealed that their biggest fear about going public with their story was that people might say negative things about them and they were afraid of the negative reaction.

The review also discusses the difference between video reviews and traditional reviews. In the beginning of the film, the viewer is given two quotes and the movie tells us the one quote that would convince us to go see the movie.

Of course many reviews may get an answer of "Yes" from some of the review sites. We have all heard the stories about video review sites that completely re-write the facts to make their site look good. Just because a website got a perfect rating from one review site does not mean it was a good film.

The audience does have a chance to share their opinions of the movie reviews, but of course the movie reviewer will be more concerned with their content and not the viewer comments. The same thing can be said for the websites. Just because one site has a bunch of positive comments and yet another has a handful of negative ones doesn't mean the movie was a bad one.

The author of the article explains that the real "platform" though is watching the movie. She states that watching the movie was her introduction to the MySpace revolution.

The Academy Awards are about to start and it is time to pick up your award nominations. If you don't win any awards this year, it's time to make some changes. The platform is a film about the MySpace revolution, starring Michelle and Jarek Ghemawat, that you can watch online or in theaters.

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