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2019/9/12 100 min. Drama , Mystery , Science Fiction , Thriller



The Room is a 2020 movie that was directed by the siblings Greg and Lawrence Kasdan. It is a drama, crime-thriller film based on a novel written by the duo. The story revolves around Tommy Wiseau, who plays the role of a director of a small film production company in the fictional Los Angeles, CA.

Tommy has never been well liked by his former colleagues at the company and he always blamed The Room for everything that happened in his career. His professionalism and rude behavior at work infuriated his colleagues, as well as the audience, and caused their interest to fade away as they viewed him as nothing more than a bratty teenager.

Tommy's constant bad behavior even led his two best friends and co-workers - James and Greg - to take advantage of his weakness and use him as a tool to make The Room become a success. Tommy became a pawn in their plan to make The Room become a hit, as they used him as their bait. Since he did not have a choice in the matter, he gladly accepted their offer.

After a series of unfortunate events, The Room was finally released and went on to become a phenomenon. The movie was very successful and it became one of the most discussed movies ever made. However, The Room quickly became an international phenomenon, as many people were curious about what was going to happen to the character, Tommy Wiseau.

Online, people were obsessed with the storyline and what was going to happen next in the series. Because of this, some websites decided to write articles that explored what was to happen to Tommy throughout the movie and what could happen to him when the series comes to an end.

Because of the abundance of fans who were crazy about the movie, The Room has managed to gain a cult following. It is still impossible to deny the fact that The Room became a runaway success and there are even people who have managed to obtain copies of the DVD that were originally sold out from the distributor.

People are still thinking about The Room even years after the release of the movie, as they are fascinated with the storyline and what happens to Tommy throughout the series. With people still intrigued with the story, it has proven that even in Hollywood, movies can still be made despite its bad ratings and poor box office performance.

Online fans were crazy about The Room. If you want to watch the movie but do not want to miss out on the hype, go online and visit some online fansite to read up on the movie's storyline and find out what is to come.

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