Toy Story 4 (2019)

Toy Story 4

2019/6/19 100 min. Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

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Toy Story is one of the stories that has marked our life from childhood to adulthood, because it tells us that beautiful story of friendship that reminds us our childhood, and each of our favorite toys, which we would like with all our strength from our heart that had life for this way to be able to live one and thousands adventures.

This movie is the fourth installment of the beautiful story between a cowboy named Woody and a super hero named Buzz, in it we see how each toy comes alive and creates adventures even get into terrible problems, each child wishes his favorite toys could of the nothing to talk, tell stories, create adventures that not only remain in the imagination, but will reach reality.

All deliveries that have reached the big screen have had great success and good reception from the public and fans, which is why they have been made to date and 4 previous films and 3 that like this stand out for its excellent production and animation, were produced by Pixar Animation Studios, who are responsible for bringing this story back into life, classified in the genre of animation and comedy, also was released by Walt Disney Pictures who were responsible for joining once again These inseparable friends.

Many years have passed since the last filming, and we could say that it was the most anticipated by fans of animated films, initially several premiere dates were mentioned but it was released on June 21, 2019 on all cinema screens, Toy Story has a duration of 103 minutes.

To bring to life each of these four films, producer John Lasseter stood out and in the direction Josh Cooley both a great team that worked to develop this story.

In it we will see once again each of the members of the toy gang that give life to Toy Story 4, now her lovely little owner, Bonnie, must face a new stage in her short life, because she must start school and with it new responsibilities that he will have to face but with the unconditional help of his true friends, his toys.

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