Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Bad Boys for Life

2020/1/15 124 min. Action , Crime , Thriller

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When I first started watching the Bad Boys for Life series, I had not watched any of the previous movies. It was after a friend recommended the movie to me and I loved it. I was absolutely stunned to see that the cast of these movies was truly stellar. Every single actor brought their own talents to the table to help create one of the best romantic comedies of all time.

The movie opens with the opening lines, "Manhunt". The introduction is so well written that it takes no time at all to realize the bad guys for life will certainly be involved in this case. The first half of the movie is one of the best romantic comedy I have ever seen. There are no other words to describe the movie, simply amazing. The sex scenes were great and I think there is a possibility that in future movies, they will be able to include them without having to end the movie abruptly.

Each character is put on display by the great actors who are in the movie. Even though there are over twenty-one people who could do this part, it makes you appreciate the fact that these guys were really dedicated to the task. The cinematography of the movie was absolutely magnificent and it brought so much humor into the movie. The dream sequences, the bad guys as an extra from Manhunt, and the Love Connection were all quite good.

The score of the movie is from the first series of the Serie. I actually did not realize this until I watched it. The action scenes that really drive the movie were featured in the first series of the Serie. The story line started out slow but eventually turned into one of the most intense movies I have ever seen.

The video on this movie is definitely worth the price it is listed at. This series of movies has always been fun to watch. Even though I like my romantic comedies to start out slow and build up to a more intense scene, I still enjoyed every minute of it.

The first installment of the Serie contained scenes from all three movies. This sequel has similar plot lines to the first series of the Serie. I still recommend the first series to this movie, but I would say that the sequel is definitely better than the first. It even better because in this sequel, they have done a good job of moving the plot forward.

Overall, I would say the movies of the Serie were great. I like to watch this series over again and every time I do, I learn more about the characters and how the movies were filmed.

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