Broil (2020)

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2020/5/20 min. Fantasy , Horror , Thriller



The Masterpiece Theater is a classic love story about two lovers, Anna and Leo, who have been separated from each other for eight years. When Leo unexpectedly meets his old friend Anna at a film show she's in, she accepts his invitation to go to the theater with him and with their relationship blossoming, Leo reveals to her that he's been doing nothing but watching her for eight years and she takes his proposal for granted.

But when they go to the theater, there are no seats available so Anna and Leo sit on heathens. However, that doesn't stop them from having a romantic evening together in the theatre. Although Anna has been oblivious to the fact that Leo has been watching her for eight years, he comes up with a brilliant plan to surprise her and he asks her to make love to him.

But before they go to the theater to watch her movie, they discover that she is now living in a broil and a struggle ensues between the two lovers over the furniture in the apartment. Meanwhile, Leo realizes that his life as a film lover is now over and he tries to return to normal life by putting his grandmother's bed in the room.

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