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2020/4/30 96 min. Thriller



In the third Dangerous Lies movie, Iago is killed by what he believes to be a friend. This is not surprising since Iago was supposed to have died in Book II but had been revived and he had killed Aladdin in that world.

In the movie Iago is discovered to be a fake by Aladdin's father. Now Iago's real name is given and his real goal is shown. The plot twists like this make the movie very different from Dangerous Lies book. Book III, takes a totally different approach to end but it still focuses on some characters and themes like if we are liars and what kind of human being we are.

In the movie, Abis Sedhan, the son of the Sultan who had orchestrated the capture of the two children with no option but to live in the world of war and poverty in the palace which got destroyed in the Great War (Book II). He reveals that the King wanted Aladdin's and Iago's death and later to be rebuilt again for the use of his granddaughter.

Then everything changed when the King ordered to re-build the palace, which also contains the labyrinth where dangerous lies and more hassles lie for the children who were supposed to die there. Abis, although not being a liar, was not sure about what the King wants and when she realized she was not going to get out of it, she decides to escape from her captors. She becomes one of the main characters of the Dangerous Lies movie.

The third movie in the Dangerous Lies saga, set after the last book, makes a lot of changes to the characters. It focuses on character development while changing the plot and has better direction but still the changes in characters are very different from the book.

Although it is not a horror film, yet it has some scary things for the viewers. In Book II, people have seen something scary before in the cave but still they didn't believe that there can be such a thing. But the movie goes into a much deeper level to reveal what the thing was.

Since Dangerous Lies book was to be adapted into a three-part movie, it had been a long process and we got the first part only after two years, so the actors and actresses had to adapt to the new time period of the movie. Like the first book, Dangerous Lies Movie has many storylines, character development and takes many different turns in the storyline but all is worthwhile.

The Dangerous Lies movie has another sequel titled Dangerous Lies Book II: Invasion. It was so much longer and contains some additions to the storyline of the first book.

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