Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (2020)

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

2020/2/21 min. Action , Adventure , Animation , Thriller

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The movie is full of action and adventure. It's the same with the anime series as well, as this movie is about the favorite Japanese anime character, Digimon. What makes this movie interesting is that it's a sequel to the original anime serie.

After meeting Akari on his first day at the Digital World, Taichi Yagami finds himself in danger when he starts seeing Koushiro Oluochi. After meeting the evil Digimon Agumon, Taichi meets the most anticipated one - the seventh Chosen One, Kari Vakame. And to make things more complicated, he's also met a cyborg named Agumon. But Taichi has decided to make the most important decision - the decision between fighting or becoming friends with Agumon.

The movie doesn't contain all action from the original series, but the story is still captivating. The main feature of the movie is the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, which was created by Yoshiyuki Momose. It's been made to adapt the most popular Digimon characters. As a feature, it's not the latest anime series of Digimon, but its cuteness is entertaining. The latest release in the series is the Digimon Adventure: Dawn of Dreams.

Although this movie is made to be an action-packed one, the character designs of the Digimon are different from the original series. But the main character, Kizuna, is the same in both versions. This is because of the changes in the series. So even though this movie seems to be a sequel to the first movie, it's actually the second one.

However, the plot of the movie is centered around Kizuna, who are a human, and Agumon, who are a digimon. However, both the characters are changed by the bad changes in the original series. For example, the original manga wasn't always about human and digimon as it was about human and their relationship.

Despite the differences in the two, the plot is similar for both Digimon, so fans will still love this movie. I believe that this movie is the best of the Digimon series. Although it's an adventure movie, it still maintains the interest of the viewers.

For a digimon fan, I think this movie will definitely make you love this series more. The plot is interesting, and the movie is very enjoyable. In fact, I think it's better than the first movie of the series.

The fights and attacks of the characters in this movie are really exciting. The characters will certainly make you feel the excitement and fun of the earlier series. In fact, this movie will give you the perfect view of the Digimon series. So for all you fans of the series, I think this movie is the best.

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