Dolittle (2020)


2020/1/1 101 min. Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

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The first time I saw a Dolittle DVD was when my boyfriend gave me one. It was the first time I had ever seen a Disney movie. However, since I was introduced to the series a few years ago, I still watch the movies as often as I can.

The movies are typically five to ten minutes long and have been well liked by movie critics. When people ask what is the best Disney movie they know, the answer to that question almost always ends up being a mix of A Goofy Movie, The Jungle Book, and the other Walt Disney Studios' films. This is not surprising since all of them are about very popular children and families. Dolittle is one of the lesser known movies and many people who haven't seen it don't even know it exists. The movie is centered around the adventures of a diminutive bunny who becomes a city block getaway owner.

Robin Hood is set in the year 1342, but the plot line is fairly modern. While it takes place over a year, it is mainly set in the year 1566. The storyline revolves around Prince John and his wife, the late Lady Catherine de Bourbon, in a crisis of legitimacy, corruption, and murder. The movie follows the four young children who are the only family left in the world for these two protagonists.

The Yellow Rubber Duck is a character who appears in several Dolittle movies. He is a little yellow duck who holds a "lost penny" which supposedly will be returned to him by any traveler who gives him a dime. Although the search for the "lost penny" has been done many times, the film is unique because he keeps the missing penny with him throughout the movie.

Of course, the most notable character from the movie is Jack Ratigan. He is a talking rat, who owns and operates a restaurant. The story goes that he kidnapped PrincessDaisy and a child named Tilly and planned to turn the children into a new species of rats called mice. However, he was unsuccessful because the mouse's mother accidentally ate one of the children and became the second rodent. Unfortunately, this just got him banned from the restaurant.

The theater where the movie was shown was supposed to be sold out. It seems like the only people who went were kids that were really excited about the movie. As a result, the theater only has a little more than eight seats. The actual movie was about ten minutes long and was not so special, but the plot line is still interesting.

Overall, the movie did not disappoint. The people in the theater seemed to enjoy it. The special effects were all done by hand, which may be considered a flaw, but it was still great for a movie like this.

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