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2020/5/12 103 min. Crime , Drama



The original movie is a magnificent film based on the actual events of real life. However, many modern movies make use of the movie to get their own storylines and subplots. As you can see, some serie is better than others.

The Capone movie serie is a great example of what online serie are. The film will keep you hooked on your seats as you will get a sneak peek of the drama that is inside the story. You should keep in mind that the whole story of the Capone mafia is built around the gangster Al Capone who was one of the most ruthless criminals in the history of the US. In the future, huge chance lie detector tests on an ex-con can prove that the crime rate is really at its lowest levels.

However, he was the most wanted criminal in the United States, and with the introduction of the machine, there were no more opportunities for a normal man like Capone to be able to purchase and own one. He tries to obtain the machine for himself but his brothers tell him that they are not ready yet and that they need to wait until the machine's arrival. In order to avoid getting caught, he decides to make a trip to Chicago to buy the machine and it has been advertised that it is in stock.

With the machine in tow, Capone has the intention of committing a large-scale crime. But his "brothers" cannot get past the customs authorities, and they will not be able to stop Capone from completing his goal of the machine. In order to avoid getting caught, Capone plans to flee the city and follow the local transport to Mexico City.

However, during his journey, he gets in touch with two ex-convict, Eddie Kessler and Joe Gage who are in constant contact with Capone, and a third con artist, Chuck Hanna. It is because of this that they try to prevent Caponefrom making his trip. Meanwhile, Capone meets several people, including two women - Helen Marx and Emmitt Thompson - who all have something to do with the Chicago as their hometown.

Capone runs into many obstacles such as being shot in the arm, being held by men, and Capone even makes some mistakes such as the ambush of Jesse James and Sal Marcano. He also has a run-in with a policeman named Bob Minetti who makes it known that he is looking for his son and tries to find out if Capone has the information about his son. When they make a deal, Capone is offered a million dollars in exchange for the information.

Capone realizes that what he really needs is to go back to Chicago so that he can visit his family. He decides to just leave after being given the money, but he did not take the money with him. But when he runs into the Mark and Karen Greenberg, who were looking for a perfect criminal, he realizes that he must have the money as soon as possible.

But after being contacted by Mario Lalli, Capone plans to rob a bank and to be reunited with his two sisters. However, Lalli's wife, which works for the federal authorities, discovers the robbery plan and she has the opportunity to arrest Capone. Because of his prior crimes, Capone is sentenced to death and it is up to Mike Lombardi to help Capone survive.

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