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2020/1/30 87 min. Fantasy , Horror , Thriller



The movie "Gretel and Hansel" is a nostalgic depiction of the humble beginning of animation as well as the antics of two children as they explore life. It's a colorful slice of time filled with fun and adventure. The movie is based on the famous children's book by Leo Tolstoy, which is a classic story of how a little girl named Gretel (Lily Collins) is rescued from her half-sister as well as a lion named Hansel (Cindy Crawford).

"Gretel and Hansel" follow the story of a girl who is named Gretel and a boy who is named Hansel. The story begins when a little girl named Gretel saves a child from a butcher, which turns out to be a "wee big" lion called Hansel. Later, Hansel and Gretel visit the kingdom of Fodenburg where they learn about the lion and "Wee Big." They discover that the king lives in a cave, and they enjoy a whole day together, bathing, playing and eating cake.

The first movie by director Gary P. Ross, also known as The Princess Bride, had been produced before "Gretel and Hansel". "Gretel and Hansel" are based on the story written by Leo Tolstoy. "Gretel and Hansel" take place in the year 1827 in the modern-day world.

The children are played by adult actors who wore bow ties. What's nice about it is that the entire movie is in black and white. The character of Hansel is played by Tony Curtis, and Gretel by Lilly Collins. "Gretel and Hansel" feature music composed by the legendary composer Glyn Johns. It's a great celebration of children.

Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Slaughterhouse-Five" features a scene in which Kurt, John and Beck are looking for Willy Wonka in the rain forest, but when they find him, he appears to be dead. The children attend the party of the Wonka clan where they meet and are introduced to their future father. While there, the children are kidnapped by Wonka's children, who are called the Squeaks, and forced to perform their own family's "magic trick."

For the film's world, there is not much to the city, as its only houses are of wood, stone, brick, plaster. One may wonder what the city was used for in olden times. The story revolves around the knowledge that if ever the children get a little bit older, the Squeaks will "wash up" their cousins at their own house. The little girl, Gretel, keeps being rescued by the children, and her fate appears to be decided.

Overall, "Gretel and Hansel" is a nice movie that brings back childhood memories. With a little creativity and imagination, you can create a piece of story that would captivate your mind. My personal favorite was when the little girl put a candle in the fireplace, which turned out to be an enchanting lamp.

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