Guns Akimbo (2020)

Guns Akimbo

2020/2/27 95 min. Action , Comedy

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Ami Yohei's Grand Prix is an updated adaptation of the popular Gun X Grand Prix TV series. The movie focuses on the team of Zentarou and their battle to be the next champion. The movie was released in Japan on February 14, 2020 and the sequel will be released in 2020. Like the TV series, the movie also has good action scenes and a gripping plot.

Set in Neo Tokyo in 1980, the movie opens with a highly stylized futuristic fight scene set in a heavily populated city. A group of mechanical gunmen are attacking people and hiding in parking lots and other populated areas, killing them and stealing their belongings. However, one mechanical gunman can be seen at the scene of the crime, and it is Zentarou, who is the squad leader of the police team, who disables his targets with his electrified machine gun. Zentarou uses this special ability to get them to "show" the enemy before engaging them in close-quarters battle.

During the attack, a teenager named Kaido bursts into a bank where Gun X Grand Prix is held, and fights the gunmen. Kaido kills the gunmen and is soon confronted by four other teenagers, Maki, Yukiko, and the three robots, Nagai, Ogon, and Inaho. As the group prepare to attack Gun X Grand Prix, they are interrupted by a radio message, and the group is informed that the two robbers have been beaten.

When the group arrives at the venue of the championship, they find the event being held after the completion of the previous episode. After discovering that most of the team have been injured in the previous episode, the race continues with the usual winner, Yukiko, as the champion. The remaining participants are still trying to get one more round as the contestants prepare to enter the main event, which is an exhibition match between robots from each of the nations in the world, which are represented by their captains.

The story is set in a highly populated, rich in suspense setting, which further adds to the fast paced action. The grand prix has created a successful rivalry between Japan and other nations, and an even deeper rivalry exists between members of the police team and the robbers who were defeated in the previous episode.

Overall, the movie is a nice look at a classic anime. It shows off the action and styles that the Gunmen have, as well as the character designs that were popular in the late 1970s. Fans of the series will find this movie quite enjoyable, especially since it looks quite similar to the previous movie, perhaps due to the fact that the animators that produced this film are pretty well familiar with the source material. If you're an anime fan, then this movie should not be missed.

Overall, the movie is not very long and is therefore not recommended for those who want a full-length movie. If you like something with a bit more action and drama, then you may want to check out the sequel. Otherwise, you'll probably have to wait until the sequel to see the sequel to this movie.

The movie is available in Japanese, English subtitles, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and Korean. You can buy the DVDs online and see them on the big screen.

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