Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty (2020)

Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty

2020/2/28 min. Action , Adventure , Science Fiction

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The series, Kamen Rider Zoroku, continued to grow in terms of popularity as it continued with the subsequent movies Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty and Kamen Rider ZX-O. Both films were another good success for this popular series.

The first movie, Kamen Rider ZX-O, was a prequel to the series as it introduced the characters and some background to the series. The story follows Ryo and Hakuya who are the brother and sister of the protagonist, Zeo who is introduced in the film. He witnesses the end of his old life and what happens after in his journey to find a solution on his ongoing problem with the game of Geiz.

Ryo's childhood friend Hakuya is not happy with the ending to the Geiz game, as he finds the streets of Tokyo destroyed due to the Geiz's destructive influence. As such, he summons the family of the popular Kamen Rider with the same power that destroys Geiz called Blade Mode. In order to face the enemies, the two become Kamen Riders. However, as a result of being affected by Geiz, Hakuya gets a Devil Gene in the form of a red, red eye, which is a part of his life.

Thus, Zeo has to defeat Hakuya in order to change Geiz back to normal. In order to do so, he must fulfill a mission first to find a Geiz trapped in a cave and later when the Geiz start to create their second phase as the boy will also have to defeat them in order to prevent it from changing. The other protagonists are the first enemies, the Cohens, which are three children whom also need to be defeated in order to avert Geiz's second phase. During the film, the Kamen Riders encounters the Cohens during their daily lives and defeats them and find out they are still under the control of Geiz, however, their co-leader revealed to Zeo that he has been following him.

The second movie, Kamen Rider ZX-O is the continuation of the plot of the previous film. It shows the beginning of the time of Zeo's quest to get revenge for the evil tactics of Hakuya. Here, he encounters the Cohens again and this time he needs to defeat them before he reaches the geiz's second phase and if not, he might be in trouble.

The story of Kamen Rider ZX-O is the same as the first film, except that he tries to destroy Geiz's second phase, which occurs after Geiz transformed into its final phase, where it absorbs all the Cohens. The scene of the destruction of the first phase was more effective than the last one because it was clear and it did not show Geiz transforming to its second phase. Thus, the action is left less complex and it had a much more explosive impact.

This film also has a similar plot to the last movie, as Geiz keeps showing its evil side to Zeo. He gets easily distracted by Hakuya and his family's desire to win Geiz, so he gets carried away by their love for the game and allows Hakuya to win the game instead of him. When he succeeds in destroying Geiz, the damage it caused becomes greater as the Geiz which transformed into its second phase becomes more powerful.

In addition, after getting his revenge on Hakuya, Zeo is suddenly pulled into a parallel world in which the game Geiz is being played. In order to save his human world from Geiz's control, he needs to have a Geiz Virus extract to have its powers destroyed, but first he must have the ability to create it. But this virus is only given to him if he won the next game against his rival, Ryosuha, as he wins the game after defeating him and this is the sequel to the last movie, Kamen Rider ZX-O.

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