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2020/2/13 99 min. Drama , Romance



Milea: Suara Dari Dilan is a film that shows what happens when two nations go to war with each other. It's a war about religion that's been replayed many times in history and one that we're all familiar with, whether we know it or not. It's also a film about love and betrayal. And the characters who are played by Deniz Akdeniz and Naveen Andrews certainly put on a show in a very convincing way.

The beginning of the movie starts with a battle on a road battle that is happening in the Muslim world. A young girl (Naveen Andrews) is fighting a duel on this battlefield. She is trying to prove her independence from her tribe and therefore win over their love. But she will get the opportunity to save herself from death later in the movie.

We follow a scene from that of the Serie. The two armies meet and the victory goes to the Serie. However, now the government has come to force them to come to a meeting. Because of this, both sides have come up with new ways to fight each other.

Another scene from the movie depicts a future for the future. The fate of the two girls and for their loved ones is written down in a book. A boy who has lost everything is looking for the lost book and so he tracks the pair to the forest where the two are waiting for him.

In the end, we find that Johan is alive. He gets killed by the swordsman from the other side. But he gets to witness Johan's death and then he turns into a horse and disappears. In fact, his fate in the film is quite similar to that of John Rolfe from the Red Dwarf series.

There is a dark past that Johan has to come clean about. In this film, he and his family have suffered a lot at the hands of the Serie. In fact, they are treated badly by them. But they are determined to get revenge on the Serials.

So, the two women try to evade capture by the Serials but they need help from someone who knows a lot about the dark matter. The help that they need is rendered by a boy who is imprisoned and is on the run. This means that the fate of the two women will be the same if they are found.

So, Johannes escapes from the custody of the Serials and travels to the Serie's base in Egypt. But the two women get caught along the way by the Serials.

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