Onward (2020)


2020/2/29 103 min. Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

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The Onward is the Fourth Solo Film for Jesse Eisenberg and you can read a review by clicking on the link below. Now to get the full Onward review, you need to click on the link below. Another view about this movie on the Aspinal Movie Review Site will be added soon.

You need to pay attention to this movie because it is the best of the series by Paul Thomas Anderson and based on his book "On the Road". So take your time in reading it because the words are too simple to understand.

Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of Bill Murray and the movie doesn't lack. It is just a small detail but I could never understand how he got his funny skin tone when it was evident in all the pictures. I must say that the film does not excel in visual aspect but in the whole story.

In this film, Jesse Eisenberg plays a great actor who has been fired from his first film. His friend James Woods (played by Heath Ledger) convinces him to go back to the film industry and he agrees to do it even though he has an acting coach who's giving him help in order to be the great actor he promised himself to be.

Jesse Eisenberg doesn't disappoint you at all because he does the role well. The scenes between him and Heath Ledger are very funny and they are also very sad scenes.

This movie was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and so the quality of the film is great. We have an opening song about brotherhood which fits perfectly with the plot and all the scenes are very short.

In my opinion, the whole movie is very good but I think Jesse Eisenberg steals the scene in the movie. He is definitely a comedian who can make you laugh without being annoying.

You can enjoy watching this movie because it has the humor and the knowledge to give you the feeling like watching a comedy movie. It is only a small detail but I think it is worth the read if you want to know more about the movie. To sum up, I believe this movie has everything you could want from a comedy movie and Jesse Eisenberg steals the show.

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