The Grudge (2020)

The Grudge

2020/1/2 93 min. Horror , Mystery

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The Grudge is a famous revenge-thriller film. A director, Antonio Banderas, who had long been involved in legal cases was sentenced to prison. He made his way to America. But then, he was arrested for rape and murder. His trial was about to begin, but he changed the location of his trial to Hawaii.

In Hawaii, Banderas found a man that were harboring memories of the Avenger, as well as the Avengers. The man, known as Serge, became the mask of the avenger, as the supervillain known as "The Scourge" was called. Meanwhile, the Avengers were already on their way to Hawaii in order to stop the Scourge from killing their new recruit, the Chinese detective.

The Avengers assembled, taking their names of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and the Scarlet Witch. And the villainous Scourge also took the name, "Gladiator".

Gladiator found himself on the Hawaiian island, of Tartarus, the movie's setting, to assassinate The Grudge, who was being held there. He failed and was captured by the Avenger. But this wasn't the end. Gladiator was sent back to the island where he committed his last mistake.

The Grudge, now known as Gligor, proved to be a greater enemy than Gladiator. A conflict between them went on for several months. This led to a confrontation between them that ultimately ended with the villain being killed.

And yet, The Grudge was not truly killed. He was taken to the bottom of the ocean and revived from time. Gladiator joined the current Avengers and he and the villain made up in a confrontation that eventually ended when the Avengers turned against them and Gladiator ended up losing.

The Grudge, Gladiator, and the Avengers tracked down the man who revived Gladiator and he was sent back to Tartarus, and so The Grudge tried to leave Tartarus for good. However, Gladiator just couldn't let him go. Gladiator managed to escape Tartarus, and it was believed that The Grudge died.

However, the Avengers later discovered that The Grudge was still alive. And because of his wife's death, Gladiator was forced to become a member of the New Avengers.

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