The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man

2020/2/26 124 min. Horror , Science Fiction , Thriller

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This is the second part of the infamous trilogy, The Invisible Man, written by the famous and award winning script writer Robert McKee. This movie was made in 1969 and was directed by Claude Chabrol and starred the late actor Tyrone Power.

The film begins in London with a mysterious ex-agent known as Inspector Parker, who is now seeking revenge on those he perceives to be responsible for his disappearance and black plague. His black plague attack coincides with an alien invasion on earth and the earth's defenses are down. As a result, Parker discovers an alien spacecraft, the Fleur De Lys, which comes to earth carrying a group of aliens who share all its characteristics and origins.

This film has the distinction of being one of the first films to show a flying saucer crashing into a telephone exchange. It was made into a very popular children's TV series called Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, a half hour time slot comedy series. This show also introduced the London-based Inspector Parker, played by Laurence Olivier, and starred the late Christopher Lee. The adventure series continued until it was replaced by the program Doctor Who.

Several online movie databases contain both the Director's Cut of the film as well as trailers for each of the scenes included in the movie. These include several scenes from the opening to the closing credits and the credits themselves. Some of these scenes were included with the Director's Cut in order to build suspense.

In addition to the Director's Cut, you can find several trailers in this online movie. They are contained in the discussion forums that are used to encourage people to view the movie and fill in some gaps in their knowledge about the movie. These scenes are used in various forms to help people learn about the movie.

The film was written by Robert McKee and starred the late Michael Caine, Uma Thurman, Alida Valli, Burt Young, Stephen Rea, Noel Coward, Richard Kennedy, George Peppard, John Gielgud, Ann Johnston, Colin Firth, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Leonore Harrell, Richard Briers, and Terry Carr. Other notable names in the cast were John Mills, Don Winslow, Gaby Hoffmann, Patricia Scott, David Dodgson, Sarah Longwell, David Smith, Grace Trunk, William Oakley, and Victoria Nicholas. This was also the first English-language movie to be produced entirely on videotape.

Online movie databases provide fans and followers of the film with a wealth of information regarding the making of this movie. There are several publications that discuss the film, including comics and novels written by members of the cast.

The Invisible Man is a film that has remained in my memory as one of the best of the silent era. I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to see it again so many times, and it is one of the reasons why I continue to enjoy this wonderful genre of cinema.

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