The Postcard Killings (2020)

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2020/3/13 104 min. Crime , Drama , Mystery



The movie Serie A is a crime story set in the 1930s Italy. The main character of the movie is the long-time mafia boss Tony Montana (Matt Damon). He is a small yet brilliant criminal genius.

The story of the movie begins when Montana takes advantage of a group of FBI agents on a trip to Las Vegas and asks them to kidnap his father, believing him to be an important mafia figure. The FBI agents refuse to do so and the subsequent investigation, which is headed by Donald Pleasence (Clint Eastwood), soon finds out that Tony Montana's father is dead.

At this point, the surviving members of the group, including the young Trumpet (David Strathairn) decide to join the mafia and take over Tony Montana's business empire. However, they still retain their criminal mentality and are constantly shooting at each other, like the gangster movie series Red Dawn. They eventually realize that they should steal instead of killing, and they do so to avoid getting caught.

After two years, the one man who had been the leader of the mafia, Gianfranco (Marco Nelzi), learns that Montana has been building an empire of mafia businesses without permission. With an army of thugs, he breaks into Montana's mansion and learns about his crime empire. In order to protect his business empire, Gianfranco agrees to help him find his money, but he agrees to leave the mafia at the end of the movie. As a sign of gratitude, Gianfranco gives Montana his old house in Rome.

This movie follows the story of the Mafia leader from start to finish, and all the scenes and people that occur throughout the movie are shown from Gianfranco's point of view. Gianfranco also gets to be a hero, saving many lives and leading the cops to a massive stash of money.

However, when Gianfranco returns to his home town, he is no longer welcomed as a hero and is shot at by Montana's henchmen. While running away, he falls into a river and drowns. Tony Montana manages to get away.

As Gianfranco is lying dead on the ground, Montana and his gang laugh at him. They mark his grave, take down the monument and burn it after a couple of days.

The Mafia is really long gone now, and Tony Montana is the king of the mafia. But even though the story has ended, there are many stories still to tell. Follow Tony Montana's journey online to see if you can become a mafia hitman.

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