The Way Back (2020)

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2020/3/5 108 min. Drama



Before the Internet, watching movies at home was mostly about getting what you wanted, seeing what you wanted and making sure that you did not get caught in the cross-fire of conflicting schedules. These movie lovers did not have to take all day to go to the movies, they could watch the movie and then leave. These early versions of online movie rental were not the convenient or easy Internet shopping centers we know today.

The internet became more popular with this online movie rental system and thus came more DVD releases. It also brought with it better security for the buyer and the seller. These salesmen could sell the movie they got as well as the one they want to see without being suspected of robbery or theft.

Movies became more readily available at home, and audiences began to become accustomed to being able to see a film any time of the day, or night. With a fast moving production schedule, Hollywood became a year-round business, bringing with it high ticket prices and limited lines at the movie theater. When it was time to go to the movies, audiences were happy to wait out the rush and find a seat when the movie started, rather than running from the theater to the car and driving back home before the movies had started.

The movie house owners learned how to market movies so that they could profit the most from the biggest day of the year. They would flood movie theaters with the hottest movies of the year so that the highest grossing movies would be seen first. While movies that were critically acclaimed would be first, these early movies were primarily marketed as hot tickets to get them to sell out as quickly as possible. Movie experts learned how to identify trends in the audience and make some quick money by showing movies that would be a hit and just book tickets to over-ticketed shows.

Internet movies were one of the things that created the popularity of online movie rental, where audiences could see any movie they wanted for any price they wanted. Watching a movie online gave people the chance to save time and the convenience of being able to do it anywhere.

Another thing that makes online movie rentals so popular is the ease of delivery. Because the movies are delivered to consumers via the Internet, shipping costs are much lower. In fact, a movie may be delivered right to your door in about a week, rather than the three or four weeks it would take to get it from a traditional theatre. This means that you can rent the latest movie before it opens and be there in time to catch it in the theaters, saving you a lot of money.

Because of the nature of online movie viewing, many people feel that they can only watch a movie if they are sitting in the theater, watching in real time. Although the quality is often excellent, people are also able to view movies that are in different versions, such as the subtitles. This is an advantage, as it gives you the ability to choose the version of the movie you would like to see without risking your connection, or those of others.

It is no surprise that online movie rental is still thriving even in a time when there is so much else to be done with our time. With high demand and convenient delivery, the Internet has become a very important part of modern society, and a place where people go to go back to the movies.

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