The Wrong Missy (2020)

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2020/5/13 89 min. Comedy , Romance



This The Wrong Missy short film is an entry in the Serice Series, a series of five shorts created by Michael Scherr. The movie was created for the 26th Annual Cartier Premiere in Cannes. It was originally titled Lie Detector, but this shortened version was chosen as a winning entry for the Cannes Film Festival. This Serice Film is produced by the producers of the short film and directed by Philippe Boucher.

Missy at school is the subject of this short, as one of her classmates, Charlotte, gets caught cheating on the SAT. Missy finds out about it and does nothing to stop her classmate. This brings them together, though, and Charlotte begins to confess her own cheating. This not only shocks Missy but also sets off a chain of events that will force Missy to deal with her problems head on. Missy still has to make it on time for her audition in two weeks, after all.

In fact, the other film entries in the Serice Series, like the similar The Wrong Missy, are also a part of the annual Cannes Film Festival, and all feature short films of varying lengths. All of them serve as the start of the Cartier Festival as well, and each is preceded by a lengthy introduction to the competition. With Serice, the director gets to tell his or her story, so the introduction might be less important, as he or she can proceed to describe the competition at length.

As a final word of advice, I'd recommend watching the full version of The Wrong Missy, even if it's shorter than this Serice film. You might feel tempted to skip over Missy's confession and go straight to Charlotte's. But don't.

Remember, Missy's story isn't complete without her reveal and there's a lot more that happens in this one. Evenif you've seen the Serice film, it's worth seeing the Serice Film (like Serice, it's also a part of the Cartier Festival). Missy's story is filled with memorable scenes, and it could only have been told from Missy's point of view.

The Wrong Missy has great scenes of Missy and Charlotte struggling through this new relationship. Another thing that makes this short film so engaging is the way that it seamlessly jumps between Missy and Charlotte. There are also several scenes where Charlotte, of course, looks downright sexy.

I found the editing of this short movie to be very nice, though. It's clear that the directors made every effort to make the film flow well. Because of that, some of the scenes feel too choppy, but the scene of Missy and Charlotte talking isn't awkward in any way.

Overall, I think The Wrong Missy is an entertaining short film that does a good job of telling a story. However, it's best to watch the full length of the film to really appreciate the full scope of what Missy goes through during the story. I don't know how much the Serice directors watched the full version of Missy's story, but I'm sure they enjoyed it just as much.

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