Angry Birds 2 (2019)

Angry Birds 2

2019/8/2 96 min. Aventura , Animación , Comedia , Familia

Jason Sudeikis , Josh Gad , Danny McBride , Bill Hader , Peter Dinklage , Sterling K. Brown , Leslie Jones , Awkwafina , Rachel Bloom , Zach Woods



Angry Birds 2, follow up the plot of Angry Birds: The Movie, where Red (Jason Sudeikis), who has been formerly outcast, shows up as the birdkind's hero since he defeated the enemies (the green pigs), whose leader is Leonard (Bill Hader). Now, Red's friends Bomb and Chuck (Danny McBride and Josh Gad) face new problems.

The thing is that there are suddenly huge ice balls coming from an unknown direction, one that's not the bird's nor the pig's, this can only mean that if neither of them is shooting the balls, there must exist a third island, and who knows what kind of creatures live in it and why they are joining the fight of the pigs and the birds.

Then they discover that this is an eagle island. Their leader is called Zeta, interpreted by the voice of the talented Leslie Jones, and since these eagles are much stronger, against all odds the pigs and birds will have to fight together against a new enemy they share.

What is left of the movie is a lot of jokes about a movie with spy thematic, and evidently we have a lot of new characters in the plot to follow the new story, they are all positive, fortunately, and have good personalities and a good time in the screen.

The style of a spy-ish movie remains through this new movie of Angry Birds, but only as it is necessary to carry on the plot to the end. Angry Birds 2 is a sequel that does a good job knowing how to approach its young audience, the pace in which things move, quickly and with a lot of jokes, help the film to stay interesting. However, the plot is almost here only to work for the jokes and not the jokes for the plot, something evident and very very negative here.

although that prevents this movie from classifying as good, the movie is able to keep you entertained. Although its target is children, it contains a hint of humor for the bigger ones. If there's a fail in one of the jokes, then don't even worry a second, you'll have dozens of them.

The jokes in the film are not the most important feature of it. In fact, it's more of a story of overcoming our fears, ego, etc. The characters are a bit flat, but they work just fine and nothing more or less.

Angry Birds 2 is a movie that is obviously and evidently not made to blow anyone's head, but at least it manages to really entertain, not waste your time, and make you have a good time. If you came looking for a cult of nowadays cinema, this is not your movie, but it's not bad that it will make you wish you didn't waste any money on it, this does not seek to be cult cinema or anything similar, but go and watch it with your kid or kids because you will not regret it to be honest


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