Geet (1992)


1992/11/20 151 min.

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Neha is appoint by using Hari Saxena as a dancer and singer and has many enthusiasts. One night time Hari attempts to sexually molest her but is unsuccessful; this perturbs him to combine a poisonous substance in one among Neha's eatable which damages her vocal chord ensuing inside the null of her voice making her unable to sing. She relocates to a distant village for solace and gets to fulfill certainly one of her die-difficult fan who also paints her hoardings for her indicates Rajesh Tripathi alias Raja; who is reluctant to be friends together with her but Neha is least interested and desires nothing to do with him. He maintains to pursue her most effective to be belittle; then situations flip violent forcing her to ultimately accept his friendship. She confides her story to him and he arranges to have her profession restore to her by means of risking his own life so that she will be able to seek scientific treatment to go back her voice in addition to arranges display to popularize her over again.

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