X-Men - Dark Phoenix (2019)

X-Men - Dark Phoenix

2019/6/5 114 min. Azione , Avventura , Fantascienza

Sophie Turner , James McAvoy , Michael Fassbender , Jennifer Lawrence , Jessica Chastain , Nicholas Hoult , Evan Peters , Tye Sheridan , Kodi Smit-McPhee , Alexandra Shipp



When the movie X-Men was released for the first time, by the director Bryan Singer, it meant a total change. People were adapted to some movies with cut budgets, and this was the very, actual first with the budget of a film of great success, and so it was, raised almost 300M dollars and marked a before and after demonstrating that superhero movies that do not were like Superman nor Batman would be a big market to explode. It ended up exploding years later with the departure of Iron Man, but it wasn't for this first wave we were not at this point

If we take into account the popularity of the X-Men, they have been present throughout these 19 years since the departure of the first movie of that universe, currently having 11 films from the saga, but now everything will take a change since probably the whole MCU will end up unifying

This franchise leaves some quite remarkable ups and downs, but in the end it is part of the charm it has, everything was that the next movie will lift the mutants again, however that did not happen exactly like that, Dark Phoenix reaches theaters in a terrible way being the worst of all mutant movies, which practically brings the franchise to an end

It is surprising for people who closely followed the recording of the film, but it comes to impress how bad Dark Phoenix can become since it had several restructuring, the performances are horrendous, the script bores and although the effects were well achieved it greatly disappoints

The film is the second attempt of the franchise to adapt the arc of Marvel Comics, and although there is some material that's more loyal and sticks to the original comics, continuing with the characters we already know in 1992, although not It is understood that since the atmosphere is quite bad, the plot starts with our mutant homonymous team, making them do increasingly dangerous missions.

The last of the aforementioned dangerous quests starts in a trip to not less than the outer space, with the mutants having the goal of saving the lives of a troubled human spacial expedition that went wrong when it crossed ways with something the NASA thinks is a solar flare, which is about to eat the tribulation alive. Lead by Mystique, Beast, Quicksilver, Storm, Cyclops, and the famous or infamous Jean Grey, the protagonist of the film, the quest ends up terribly when Grey absorbs the solar flare by accident, which turns out is something much more powerful than a simple solar thing.

At this point the plot y basically turns around Jean, she now has immeasurable powers, more than she or anyone could handle, after a lot of medic tests, they think she's all fine at the beginning. However, she doesn't really know how powerful she is now, but it makes her inevitably more impulsive than before.

Professor X does what he can do to help her, but Jean discovers a long-time secret he's been keeping from her, thinking it would protect her from the pain, however this results in her doing terrible things, killing one of the teams most beloved members by accident, and hence dividing them into two parties, one wants to believe that Jean just needs proper help and want to help her, but the other one is composed by a powerful handful of mutants that just want to kill her.

This film showed a piece of cinematic trash, with much self-awareness, and lines like the one that Magneto tells Charles Xavier explaining that he does not care for the apologies and the words that the mind controller always seems to have.

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